8 Absolute Things You Should Check Your Website Regularly

Having a corporate company website is just like owning a car. If you fail to perform the required maintenance and servicing routine ,the vehicle’s performance will keep on dropping until the engine malfunction. Do not let this nightmare happen to your website after all the effort and money that was invested during the development! Here are some tips and areas to check your website.

8 Things You Must Check Your Website on a Regular Basis

1. Monitor the uptime/downtime of your website – It is a nightmare when you find your website down and it can be even worse if it is discovered by someone that told you about this problem because it might already be malfunctioning for a long period. So do yourself a favour by using a monitor software for this purpose. You can try Uptime robot (FREE) to monitor your website and it will alert you with an email when your website is down/up. This will allow you to actively ensuring that your website is up and running.

2. Ensure that all pages on the website are loading correctly without any error. You should also check and fix any broken links in your site that can affect your website’s usability and rankings. Good news for you is that there is an online tool – Dead Link Checker for that.

3. Test and ensure that all contact or request forms in your website is working properly by sending a test email to yourself. This is one of the most crucial item to check for because you might missed out on potential leads if the contact form is not working properly.

4. Test your shopping cart – If you are running a e-commerce business, the ability for potential buyer to check out and pay you is the No.1 concern that you need to check regularly to prevent any loss of sales.

5. Perform backup regularly (You can install WordPress plugin like Updraft to schedule your backup automatically). It is highly recommended to store your backup offsite to other servers, like dropbox, google drive or others.

6. Make sure that your website look great on mobile devices because based on statistics, it has been an increasing trend that people are using their mobile devices to see website. Source from Statista: Mobile traffic as a share of total global online traffic in 2017 is 52.64%.

Unsure if your website is mobile friendly or not? You can use Google Mobile Friendly Tool Checker to test and find out.

7. Marketing Strategy: It is a good practice to write a blog post or article on a weekly basis and share it with your social media circle to stay connected.

8. Check and make that your opt ins sign up boxes are working properly to collect subscribers to your mailing list. Do a test on this process often to make sure the names are being added to your list successfully. You can always delete the test data from your mailing list after testing, so no worries on that.